Permanent lip procedure has become so popular. Perfect for all ages and professions, men and women.

With any shape lips, as we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, and can draw colour out of the face.

“I have got beautifully defined lips. Adriana succeeded to correct all uneven lines around my lips, she redefined my lips and took years off me. I feel and look much younger, what more can I ask for! Thank you so much Adriana!”

Claire W

It is now possible; thanks to Permanent Cosmetic to change the shape and shade of your mouth, thin lips appear fuller, restore lost definition by creating fuller and more sensual lips without need for frequent injectable fillers.

There are few techniques to create permanent cosmetic lip enhancement:

Created in a similar colour to the natural lips.

Lip Line Defined

It’s usually created in a contrasting colour to the natural lips and gives a lip line make-up look. It gives definition and fullness to the lips.

Lip Line and Blush

Will define the outline of the mouth with soft shading which gets lighter towards the centre of the lip giving an amazing, natural looking pout.

Full Lip Tint

Will give the lips a perfect finish creating an overall natural lip colour. This volumising lip tint defines the contour slightly and discretely outside the border to give an impression of fullness with a hint of colour applied to the centre of the lip for a natural looking tint. The full lip tint enhancement also has a remarkable anti-ageing effect on pale lips that have lost their colour and lip line sharpness due to the ageing process.

As well as boosting the lip area, these procedure can correct any shape or symmetry concerns.

Just a dab of high sheen lip gloss and your best high heels you are ready for a glamorous evening look.