The digital technology system used in these procedures is state of the art. The pigment delivery system is recognised as one of the safest on the market today. The applicators used during the procedure are sterile, individually packaged and intended for ‘one time’ use only, the disposal of which is always shown to the client at the end of ‘each’ treatment. The stringent clinical environment ensures that all equipment is covered by protective coverings which are also disposed of at the end of each treatment thus eliminating risk of cross-contamination. To prevent cross-contamination, the practitioner wears sterile gloves. The treatment area and machinery are disinfected after each client. An antibiotic cream is applied to the skin after treatment. Strict after-care rules are given to the client at the end of each treatment.

Not if you look at the long-term cost and effects. It costs more than a year’s cosmetics bill, but is little compared to three years of daily make-up expenses it doesn’t run or wash off and is a great time-saver. It’s worth every penny to make the most of your natural beauty. It really is what we’ve all been waiting for. All prices include three treatments, to be taken within 12 weeks.

As Permanent make-up professionals we never do anything that is too trendy or a fashion fad. We use colours that are custom-blended to complement your skin tone, eye and hair colour to give a soft and natural appearance. However, the colour can be changed at any time by blending another colour over the original if you wish.

Permanent cosmetics are designed to be an enhancement of your natural features, but once the procedure site has healed you can always add conventional make up for extra definition for that special occasion.

The results will appear very natural and your features will look more defined making you look completely refreshed. Your friends will never know what the difference is unless you choose to tell them. The benefits these treatments have to offer is a major break through in Permanent Make-up. When applied correctly they can give the impression of a mini facelift making one appear 10 Years Younger without surgery. The treatment is long-lasting therefore we cannot stress enough how important it is to go to a reputable practitioner.

Immediately! As mentioned earlier, the colour may appear a little darker than required for the first few days. With out techniques the dryness is hardly visible, but never enough to be noticeable. Most clients show little sign of swelling or redness after treatment. The colour will be dark at first but not too conspicuous – it will soften and lighten within 7 days. Lip treatment clients may incur swelling and the colour will look strong for 3-7 days.

With our treatment there is rarely any swelling and if there is it is minimal. The needles we use are so fine and are made using the latest technology in laser-cutting techniques. Trauma is greatly reduced and causes no scarring unlike a lot of inferior products still used by many today. The products are hypoallergenic, so allergy risks are reduced even further. However in the unlikely event that you do experience some swelling, ice packs can be used for short periods to reduce this and in any case should not last for more than a day or so. You can continue with your schedule as you normally would with no down time.

Although a little dark when the treatment is first carried out, this will soften by up to 30% during the healing process which will be between 5 and 10 days depending on the individual’s unique recovery rate and how closely the ‘post-procedure’ care instructions are adhered to.

Some clients feel no discomfort at all – others feel minimal discomfort. Topical anaesthetics (e.g. creams) are used to minimise discomfort before the treatment begins. Most people will feel nothing at all, while a few feel a slight, prickly sensation. Also the needles we use are so fine that trauma is at an absolute minimum and there is no bleeding. The minimal discomfort that a client may experience is definitely outweighed by the stunning results that will be achieved.

Enhancements can last anything from 1 – 5 years dependant on factors such as age, exposure to U.V. and swimming. In the initial two weeks care should be taken not to expose the treated areas to strong UVA rays, chlorine, salts and saunas, as these will reduce the life of your treatment. Usually clients who wish to maintain the colour intensity of their enhancement will return every 12-18 months for a ‘refresher’ treatment. These treatments take much less time to complete, the price of which is therefore reflected accordingly.

Permanent Cosmetic is proud to offer our clients the latest digital technology – the Precision Plus permanent makeup system. This German made, digitally controlled unit is simply the finest, most technologically advanced machine available. Designed in steel with state of the art headpiece it reaches new levels of safety and precision – allowing skilled technicians to achieve even higher levels of accuracy. With Precision Plus, it now means you can be guaranteed the highest levels of hygienic safety due to the patented safety system. With the single use cartridges, you can reach unsurpassed levels of fine works without risk of cross contamination, due to the cartridge being securely sealed by a membrane.

You will need to allow 1.5 hours for your first procedure. If you intend to have a “full face” (3 procedures together) then you should allow 3 hours in total.

A minimum of 24 hours prior to the treatment commencing, a pigment ‘patch test’ is performed by placing a tiny amount of pigment into the skin usually in the hairline behind the ear, this is to ensure there is no allergy to the pigment. 99.9% of people do not have any reaction at all. On the day of treatment a thorough consultation will be conducted which will include an assessment of your skin colour and face shape. Suggestions may be offered regarding the enhancement of your natural beauty, and once you are happy with the colour effect chosen, a design is created to ensure you are completely happy with the shape before the procedure commences. Discussing in detail your desired outcomes will ensure the unique look created will be exactly as you desire. Essential to the procedure is the follow up or ‘top-up’ treatment carried out 4-6 weeks later enabling the fine tuning of colour density and making sure the pigments are retained uniformly

The choice of colours depends on the tone of your skin and the colour of your hair and eyes. With my assistance, suitable colours are selected and dabs of pigment are placed around the area to be treated in order to find the best match. You may like to bring along your own make-up and a match can be made from it.

Decisions are based on the shape of your face, on your personality and your preference. If I disagree with your choice, I will suggest other options. A make-up pencil is used to outline alternatives until the ideal shape is found. The template is then measured and checked for perfect symmetry and balance.

Anyone who desires the freedom from daily makeup application but who wishes to look their best at all times. • Men as well as women • Busy people who have little time to apply and reapply makeup, mums and executive equally • Allergy sufferers who are sensitive to conventional make up, hay-fever sufferers who find it difficult to keep on make up with sneezing and runny eyes • Physically active people, athletic, sporty people, swimmers, those who frequently going to gym and cannot continuously reapply cosmetics • Men and women who have concerns about facial asymmetries • Partially sighted or blind people • Physically disabled people who find it difficult to apply makeup • People who have lost eyebrows and eyelashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy

Permanent make up has been around since the early Incas and Egyptians, but only first introduced into the UK in the mid 80’s and becoming ever more popular. Also known as Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics or Cosmetic Tattooing is cosmetic enhancement procedure that uses advanced techniques to implant ‘hypoallergenic’ pigments into the ‘shallow’ dermal layer of the skin (0.50mm) using state of the art equipment. When your procedure is completed, the colour will appear darker than the final result. This is because the colour is in BOTH the epidermis and the dermis. The outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, the colour in the top layer will flake during the healing process. The implanted pigment will gradually fade with time, depending upon a person’s age, colour implanted, etc. It is vital that to achieve the best results for client, I am using the very best equipment and pigments and have been trained to the highest standard. I believe that ‘Less is Best’ and I will always agree any work with you before I begin your treatment. The first treatment will create a soft effect – you can always add more colour/thickness with subsequent treatments. The cost of two procedures is included in all of prices. I use the very latest techniques and machinery to ensure your treatment is comfortable and will heal as predicted. Permanent make up is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eye liner and lip liner

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