Permanent Eyeliner

Why struggle with eyeliner when you can always get catwalk model perfect looking eyes? Permanent Cosmetic will give you a complete end to wobbles, smudges and smearing. The major benefit of permanent eye make up is that it never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep and the weather.

“Result is just as I wanted, fantastic and glamorous!!! I have ditched my eye pencil for perfect eyeliner; I wish I did it before. It really enhanced the colour in my eyes.”

Rhianna M

It is therefore the ideal solution for people with busy lives, sporty outdoor people, people who suffer with alopecia, people who have sparse eyelashes, poor eyesight or physical disabilities. It is also the perfect solution for people who experience allergies to pollen or conventional eye make up.

There are different eye make up enhancements available to you:

Subtle lash line definer

Subtle lash line definer enhances the shape of the eye and creates the appearance of a larger, more alive eye, achieving vibrant look and bringing back sparkle. Achieving natural look will give you the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes, a look so natural you would never know it was Permanent Make-up. This enhancement is dotted through the eyelash line to give the appearance of thicker eyelashes and is for people who do not desire an eyeliner look but rather require eyelash definition.

Fine eyeliner

Fine eyeliner is shaded through and extends beyond the eyelashes to create a precision fine line. Black brown is the most popular shade, with the eyeliner on the upper eyelid being applied a little darker than that on the lower eyelid.

Thick and ultra thick eyeliner

Thick and ultra thick eyeliner is shaded through and broadens beyond the eyelashes to create a wider contour. The upper eyelid is classically thicker on the outer eye and tapers into the lash line toward the inner eye. For more smoky or dramatic look you need the Volume Line Definer.

The eyeliner on the lower eyelid is shaded through the lash line and is applied a little thicker on the outer eye, tapering in and becoming softer toward the nose.

A subtle array of colours is available to complement every eye colour and skin tone.

image (16) sample b and after2