Adriana Bates

Professional Permanent Cosmetics Specialist

I am a qualified Micropigmentation specialist having carried out my training with the leading Training Academy Finishing Touches Ltd, Harley Street in London.

I have full insurance cover with Holistic Insurance and I am licensed with Bristol City Council.

I have growing client list, requiring my expertise in achieving natural effect of Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. My attention to details is what brings me loyal clientele back time and time again. The results are impressive and life changing for many of my clients. My main ethos is the desire to create a bespoke, perfectly applied, always natural finish that impress my clients who range from busy housewives through to celebrity! My precision and expertise combined with my compassion and intuitive understanding of each client’s needs ensure that every treatment is carried out to the highest of standards.

Because of my artistic abilities with a background of art principles and color mixing, I have an eye for symmetry and colors that fit the seasonal tones for each individual client. I am always working towards the most natural effect possible. In preparation for each procedure, I work closely with each client to achieve the look she or he desires. The permanent makeup procedure is done in a comfortable and sterile environment.

I hope you find these information helpful and informative and I look forward to being of service to you.





As your micropigmentation specialist, I myself have enjoyed the numerous benefits resulting from these procedures, as a result of which, I am able to offer advice and guidance based not only on my expertise but my own personal experience of these procedures. I hope you find these information helpful and informative and I look forward to being of service to you.


”Adriana is professional in her job-totally outstanding; her work in Permanent make up is a credit to the word artist. Right from beginning, from consultation in great detail to procedure she was professional in everything. I never thought it would be the way to rectify my scary eyebrows but Adriana did this. Many thanks, Adriana, I feel totally transformed ‘a new me’.”

Nicola, eyebrows